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Find out who you really are

Find out which type of person you are through these four traits.

According to proto- psychological theory, there are four types of human beings in the planet. a phlegmatic human being,choleric,a sanguine and a melancholic .They are known as the four temperaments.

Everyone at some points in life would always feel lost,confused and might not even know who they are anymore.I believe there is a phase in life where one gets to discover him/herself, around 23–27 yrs old. This is also the phase of life where you get to ask yourself a lot of questions and also get to know what you really want in life and how you would like your life to be. it is also the phase where some gets to set their long term and short term goals.This phase might start while you are still in college but to most people it happens immediately after finishing college and landing your first job.

Let’s dig in and find out who we are and what really defines us.

  1. Sanguine

This type of personality is very easy going and cheerful.They easily make friends but don’t keep them for long or lemme say they have different friends for different types of occasion or need, they have party friends, work friends, study friends and so on. this type of people are very adventurous and curious.They ask a lot of questions and are very convincing at the same time.A sanguine will make you buy a car even if there are no roads.They have a “sweet mouth”. These people are always full of energy and very optimistic. they never get stressed easily with situations and often go with the flow.When it comes to planning, it doesn’t matter, they can easily change their mind in the very last minute and will never worry about it. Sanguine persons believe in “YOLO” ; You Only Live Once.This slogan keeps them going and makes them not to worry about tomorrow. Due to their lively and carefree nature, a sanguine person can be flighty and changeable. Because of this, a person classified with the sanguine personality type may have trouble following through with tasks and may at time be chronically late or forgetful.This type of personality is social extrovert and openly emotional.They don’t hide their feelings.

Examples of famous people with this personality trait are:Magic Johnson and Pablo Picasso.

2. Choleric.

These are the managers,the CEO s and the entrepreneurs. It is believed that most type of these people are men, and that women are very rare on this temperament.This type of people are leaders, go-getters and they always get things done through other people.Their roles mostly involve giving out orders, supervising and delegating duties.These type of people are very ambitious, planners,very organized, energetic,inspiring, attractive,goal oriented and very passionate.Most of them are perfectionists and full of energy. choleric persons tends to be very impatient when things are not going the way he/she planned and remains very calm under pressure. This temperament appears to be very tough on the outside and people mostly think that they do not have feelings, however they are very soft in the inside and very emotional.

Choleric people are very independent and self sufficient,they believe they are always right in every situation and are full of charisma.In parenting they are the parents who wants their children to be the best by pushing them. Their circle of friends is so small and they tend to be the leaders in these circles;Choleric persons will decide for the rest where to eat out, where they will go for their next trip and they might even decide for the rest what to eat in a restaurant if they are not sure about what they want to eat.This because choleric persons are quick decision makers.

Examples of famous people with choleric personalities are: Oprah Winfrey,Donald Trump and Julius Caesar.


This personality is the direct opposite of a sanguine. They are very introverted,analytical,logical and private.They heavily rely on facts instead of speculations and are very attentive to details.They worry more about what people think about them and their work.This makes a melancholic have low self-esteem and a perfectionist since they always strive to deliver the best. A melancholic tends to be very sympathetic which is the direct opposite of a choleric personality.Choleric persons like to get feedback on everything and always demand answers on to why some things are done the way they are done.This makes them very curious,artistic and super creative.Melancholic persons are not risk takers and do not want to be regarded as incompetent.

As a parent, a Melancholic Personality Type is organized and sets high standards at home. Since this person wants things to be in order, as a parent, he or she has the inclination to pick up on the children just to keep the house clean and tidy.

At work, this type of person is a doer and finishes tasks at hand. Since this individual is a perfectionist, he or she is organized and will stick within the schedule. Results are to be expected from a melancholic person since they are into details and are analytical.

Examples of famous people with this trait are:Audrey Hepburn,Albert Einstein.

4. Phlegmatic

This is the most stable personality trait and are also considered to be introverts.They are calm,easy-going,relaxed,cool and collected. In a group of friends or “squad” these are the caretakers of the group members. They are the “mothers” of the group and are always looking out for his/her friends. When you go out to drink, they will always make sure that they stay sober in order to drive the rest home and watch out just in case someone is trying to mess up with their drunk friends or taking advantage of them.people with this personality would try as much as they can to avoid conflicts and drama,they may even go ahead and apologize even if they know they are not wrong just to avoid conflict,this is why they are considered calm and collected, they tend to take the blame most of the time.This personality type would never break rules and always want others to feel better or be happy.Sometimes people would refer to them as “people pleaser” they do this to make people around them happy.They don’t like hurting others.People with this personality type really enjoy their own company and enjoys spending time alone,They never get bored being alone.

Examples of famous people with this personality type are:Isabel Myers,Ann Morrow Lindbergh.



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