My little angel slept.

maureen ochieng
2 min readJun 25, 2019

My close friend lost her 1 and half year old daughter and this really inspired me to write this poem as a way to help her recreate the memories she had with her little girl before she passed.

My little Angel

She was so little and pretty, the fourth day of September;

Her little feet, her little nose and ears, I can still remember.

The joy she brought into my heart;

I can never feel hurt.

What makes me happy? She will always be my little angel;

I will never remember to forget my little Rachael.

I still see you smiling at Mommy,

Throwing your little arms and feet kicking my tummy;

When it was time to change your diaper,

I miss you my little tiger.

Indeed I am a proud mother of an angel

And I can’t wait to hold you again in heaven.

Your cries in the middle of the night,

I could hear them amidst my sweet dreams, and I knew I was always right.

We took turns in waking up to take care of our little angel,

She was the better version of us,

Those little moments were so precious to us.

You filled our hearts with love,

The type of love that only comes from above.

The type of love that only God sends to his beloved people.

Your first words melted my heart!

“Mama” you said, that’s how I knew my little girl was smart.

You were a piece of art!

Carefully crafted by the almighty.

And when you left,

I felt like it was theft;

You stole my heart precious one, and I know you dancing with the angels.



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