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2 min readFeb 29, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck in life? like nothing is really moving, feels like you are trapped in a certain time and the clock seems to be moving way too fast. It might be in a certain job position, a certain place that you desire to move out of or being jobless and you are constantly looking for a job but you can’t just get one.Well you are not alone because everyone is constantly trying to move out of a situation that they feel trapped in. The feeling of fighting and not winning every time you try, it just sucks.That feeling that you are not trying too hard and the guilt that comes with it, while in real sense you are trying extra hard it’s just that you haven’t been lucky enough. Well here are some tips that might keep you going every time you feel like time is no longer on your side and the walls are almost crashing you.

  1. It’s not just your time yet.

Might sound like a cliche but it’s the truth! IT’S NOT YOUR TURN YET. We all have turns, or lemme say , we all have God’s time when everything will just fall into place and look perfect. I am not saying that you should stop trying all am saying is , it is through trying that your turn reaches. You can’t just sit there and wait for God’s timing, do something, let God’s time find you in the process.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

The walls might not even be closing on you, it’s just might be your own perception while in real sense you are doing just fine. Stop beating yourself up for not being like your peers or friends.We are all special, we all have special things in us that the other person desires. Just find the special thing in you and make yourself stand out.

3.Go with the flow

When you are constantly going against the flow then be ready for some real stress and pressure. Let the days flow, let things flow, don’t try to think otherwise.These things were planned way before you were born so just let it flow and enjoy the moments.

4.Take a pillow and scream your voice out.

Just scream it out. Allow yourself to feel everything. Don’t deny your feelings, embrace them feel them and let it go.



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